The must-have hats of the cold season F / W 2018-2019

12.11.2020 Blog

Today we are talking about hats, some of the coolest and most stylish accessories ever invented. They can give a very special look to a seasonal outfit, so give up the classic hats and match your outfits with sophisticated hats. And don’t tell me that no hat suits you, because there are so many shapes of caps, brims, and so many styles, that it’s impossible not to find something you like.

Speaking of hats, I can’t help but refer to the local brand Julie Anne Millinery, which recently presented its new collection of accessories, during the “Moldova Fashion Days” event. In this collection we found fashionable models, which fully define the trends of the FW 2018-2019 season.

The “Amorphia” collection is meant to take the wearer out of that sober and uninspired anonymity. A bold collection, totally different from what the designer Iuliana Chiroșca, the creator of this brand, has offered so far.

Despite the fact that hats are timeless accessories that never go out of style, they are still seasonal with little change in style, color and decor. For example, this year the original models are in great demand, with unexpected finishes, with embroidery or applications from beads or feathers.

I appreciate the nonconformist approach, proposed by the designer in this collection. I am referring to the simultaneous wearing of hats and scarves, which completely changed the look of the outfits, through an unusual location. An approach that I recommend to you, with confidence !!!