Hat Maintenance

We pride ourselves on our excellent quality hats, a free style consulting service that helps you find the perfect hat, and a refreshing and caring service that we perform for a modest service fee to keep your hat on. just as elegant the day I bought it with.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Vacuum your hat with the round brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Make sure that the brush is new or clean, and used only for your hat. This will remove dust and particles that could discolor the hat if it gets wet. Any spots from ink, cosmetics, blood, etc. should be sent to us for cleaning. Please do not attempt to remove them as this could result in damage or discoloration.

Felt Hats: A round brush attachment may also be used for a fur felt hat. Vacuum in a side-to-side motion to remove particles and dust. Next vacuum counter-clockwise on the top of the crown and the brim. Turn the hat upside down and vacuum clockwise on the underside of the brim. To set the textured finish, use the brush without the vacuum in the same directions as indicated above.

Inner Sweatbands: Periodically the sweatband needs to be replaced, as it becomes saturated with oils and perspiration and can no longer protect the hat. Your sweatband will usually last 1-3 years, depending on how often you wear the hat and in what climate. Flip the front of the sweatband out to check for saturation regularly after 6 to 8 months. Perspiration, over time, not only stains the hat, but breaks down its natural fibers. Next to proper handling and storage, replacing the sweat band is the most critical thing for maintaining the life of any good hat.