Hat care

As the proud owner of a Genuine Panama Hat, and to ensure many years of enjoyment from wearing your hat, it is important to remember that your hat is an individual piece of craftsmanship – it has been hand-woven from a natural fiber, so treat it as such.

To ensure many years of enjoyment from wearing your hat, it is important to remember that your hat is an individual piece of craftsmanship, so treat it as such.

How to care for your natural fiber Hat

  1. Do not touch your hat with dirty hands
  2. Avoid pinching or crushing the natural fiber from the crown
  3. Do not pull the hat from the edge of the brim
  4. Avoid use in the rain as it may lose its shape
  5. Protect your hat and store it in the dust bag always.

Cleaning your Hat

  1. Your hat can be cleaned using a damp cloth or a gentle facial wipe/ baby wipe – try to remove any dirt marks with a dry cloth first, and then using warm water gently try to remove the mark with a clean cloth
  2. Avoid rubbing too hard as this may damage the natural fibers of the straw
  3. We do not recommend you use any cleaning agents or soap


  1. Temporary Storage: Place your  hat upside-down on the crown. Make sure the surface is clean, and check that the brim is not touching anything that could change the shape.
  2. Overnight Storage: We recommend the use of a Hat Jack to keep the size and shape of the hat. Secure the Hat Jack by placing it in the hat with the adjustable handle lined up with the center back seam of the inner band. Turn the handle so it is secure in the hat at the same tension as it is on your head. Also check to make sure the Hat Jack is flush with the leading edge of the inner band (the point where the crown and brim meet). If the hat is a bit tight, it can be stretched with the hat jack. Place the Hat Jack in the hat so it is snug and turn the handle counter-clockwise half to one revolution. Take care not to over stretch. This the most effective if it is done after the hat has been worn, as the inner band will be moist from perspiration. Leave the hat in the Hat Jack overnight. Always store your hat in a location that is relatively cool and not in direct sunlight.

Reshaping your Hat

  1. Should your hat lose its original shape, you can steam it to easily regain its shape by hand.
  2. Heat up the iron until the steam is ready and proceed to steam very well the inside and the exterior of the crown, approximately six inches away from it for 30 seconds to a minute, ensuring that you get enough heat on.
  3. Then, place the hat on your head when it is still damp and start to make the moulding shape with your hands, wear it for a moment until you feel the hat takes the desired shape .
  4. Repeat the process if necessary .
  5. The brim can be reshaped by using a steam iron on the lowest setting and a clean damp cloth, ensuring the iron does not come into direct contact with the straw itself .